Zip It! Flip It! Shake It! And Pour! Easy to Make Pancakes!

When mornings were all about pancakes, nothing went better with cartoons, golden sunshine, and the promise of a new day than a stack of fluffy goodness smothered in syrup. Jitterbee is bringing back those simpler times – without complication or mess. Anyone can make our Shakeable Pancakes and everyone will love them.


Over 4000 delicious Jitterbee pancakes made
Check out our new breakfast basket online, sold by! Jitterbee Shakeable Pancakes blend easily without the need for extra bowls and mixing tools. Zip It! Flip It! Shake It! And POUR - into pan


No Bowls. No Spoons. No Mess.
Simply shake the pouch to mix, unzip the top and pour into the pan. The Process takes minutes and easily revives a family favourite. Frank values his time with his family and especially meal time. This has been foundational in product development and now push to market.